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EDGE PRO TECH Blade Protection Cover that can be placed on the goal

EDGE PRO TECH Blade Protection Cover that can be placed on the goal

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The Edge ProTech Post Guard is a proprietary rubberized goalie skate blade guard that easily attaches to any regular hockey goal post to protect the goalie's (and player's) skates during practice and warm-ups.

-Protects the skate blades from hitting the goal post during the game.
-Dramatically reduces pinches and improves edge performance.
- Quick and easy installation (no tools required).
-Perfect for goalie schools, teams, coaches and all hockey goalies.
- It is also used for warm-ups in the NHL and the Olympics.
- Durable construction.

Includes a pack (2 pcs) of Edge ProTech blade guards


Imagine you're in warmups before a championship game and you slide backwards against the goal post, crash right into it, and scratch your skate blade. The cut is so severe that you have to leave the ice so the equipment operator can sharpen your skates right before the start of the match. The clock before the game is ticking scarily, and so is your mental concentration. As the outfitter rushes to hand you your freshly sharpened skates seconds before the team leaves the locker room, you frantically try to regain your mental focus as you dress in a panic. Fast forward to today and Edge Protech has developed a simple, fast and effective solution. Edge Protech is now used by every team in the NHL, was used in the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics, and was featured on Coaches Corner with Don Cherry. With over 20,000 sets sold worldwide, Edge Protech has now become the symbol of goalie blade protection at all levels of hockey worldwide.

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